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We the participants representing South Asian countries and Afghanistan, as well the sponsors of the conference that is common Wealth Education Fund, Common Wealth Secretariat, UNESCO, Unilever and GTZ agree to from a SAFED endorsed by the honorable Minister for Education on for Punjab and the honorable adviser to the Chief Minister Including secretaries of education of all the countries that are present.

A working group as it has been suggested will be formed, representing the majority of the South Asian countries to refine the proposed draft vision, objective and most importantly a governance mechanism at key thematic areas

We would like to welcome all support from the government, non governmental and private sector organizations toward this initiative and support obviously can take many forms.

We have collected signatures from all participants in various capacities, in expressing about their areas of interest. This declaration, at this point is only a statement of intent. Any conclusive form will be taken through a very consultative process. It may take some time. It is going to be far more solid and something we can sustain overtime. The principles have been decided but the details still need to be worked upon.

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