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Young Women's Narratives
South Asia Forum for Education Development (SAFED) and Ankur - Society for Alternatives in Education, Delhi (India) collaborated through the initiative ‘Spaces for Young Women – Research, Experimentation and Practice’, that seeks to create a collective of young women writers from marginalized segments across South Asia who in collaborative practice, engage with their imaginations and contexts and emerge as writers and creators of ideas, thoughts and viewpoints.

The introductory workshop was held at Kinnaird College Lahore in 2009, the young women from the different collectives both from Pakistan and India have written several texts on a range of themes. These texts have been shared for feedback and further ideas.

The second, Young women writers workshop on the follow up of this process was held a in New Delhi from June 1-10, 2011 to create a platform for young women writers from different collectives in both Pakistan and India to meet each other, share their writings and together create a body of work that can be published and circulated for a wider audience. The workshop incorporated individual and collective writing practices, peer-to-peer interactions, theme based interactions with resource persons and exposure visits.
IPL Workshop Report (Download)
IPL Pictorial snapshot of Workshop
IPL Sample Narrative Pieces

Young Women's Narratives
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